I got away from toxic friendship

I just can’t believe what I realized yesterday. It’s terrible. And finally I learn the pattern of toxic friendship.

It’s systematic, there’s a mechanism of it.

First, someone started to jealous of me.

Second, someone started to spread bad influence of me and/or inhibited my activity or progress.

I realized that it was hideous, it took more than a year to finally realize the pattern. I almost killed my self back then. It’s a risky sexual behaviour by the mean of despair.

I messaged her that what she did is wrong. The end, trust collapsed, and all of the good disappeared, then, um, I literally killed her in my mind.

So the intention of killing someone, she did it. She made it to live. (Heavy breathing). I thank myself for finally realize this.

Penulis: rhakakatresna

your personal you can be~ live in Bandung, INDONESIA

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